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Fundraising and funding

Based on our own experience, we know that costs are one of the major limiting factors preventing projects from reaching their objectives or keeping people from getting involved.

EnScope uses its experience to help those who travel with us to raise the funds required to cover the costs of their projects!

Fundraising is an essential and critical step in any project. Often challenging, sometimes frustrating, successful fundraising may appear unreachable at first sight. However, funding opportunities are highly diverse and numerous volunteers, students and researchers have been successful in fully financing their participation to projects around the world.

General Fundraising Activities & Sponsorship

Whether you are a volunteer, a student, a researcher, or just anyone interested in running a value-added project, there is a wealth of fundraising opportunities that can be envisaged.

From sponsored events to sponsoring requests, raffles or online fundraising campaigns (e.g. GoGetFunding,…)… creativity is your only limitation!

Once project participation is confirmed, a meeting is organised between EnScope fundraising experts and the participant in order to advise on how to setup an efficient fundraising campaign!

Funding Opportunities

The are numerous funding options, many of which have been succesfully secured to take part in our projects. EnScope has consolidated these into a funding application guide available to everyone taking part in our projects or visiting one of our field stations. Please contact us at info@enscope.org for more details

Funding Opportunities

Project Development

Project Development

You have some great ideas for new projects in the context of sustainable development but don’t know how to go from “idea” to “feasible project”? EnScope can help you to Develop a new project.

Alternatively, EnScope can also support the field implementation of your own project through EnScope Field stations and Logistical support.

We support you

Events, training and inductions

EnScope organises or takes part in a number of events with a view of raising support for the EnScope projects or our students and volunteers, as well as to spread the word on our actions. These are also an opportunity  for you to meet us in person and for us to answer any questions you may have. In addition, we aim to plan a number of training/events aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of students and early career professionals on topics relevant to sustainable development and nature conservation.

Please get in touch if you would like to join us for any of those events.

Upcoming events

Nothing found.

Past events

Zombie Run 2017

28 October 2017 - Chemin des Fours, Dour, Belgium

In October 2017, most of the EnScope founding team took part in the Zombie Run, a 7km night race on old rehabilitated slag heaps, chased...
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ULB/VUB Jobday – Science

27 February 2019 - ULB Campus Solbosch, building S, Avenue Jeanne 44, 1050 Elsene

As we are nearing the launch of our website and of our activities, we are taking part in the ULB/VUB Jobday Science. Three of the...
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Trolls Xtrem Run 8

24 August 2019 - Salle Omnisports rue Bernard Hecquet 22 7973 Stambruges

On a yearly basis, the EnScope team take part in the Trolls Xtrem Run, a fun and engaging  obstacle race, generally between 15-18km, running through...
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13 May 2020 -

EnScope TwistEarth is a quiz challenging your general knowledge in sustainable development as well as your physical fitness on a Twister-like mat. This is not...
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Travel support

We encourage you to read carefully the following section that provide relevant information on insurances and travel arrangements to prepare your trip.

Medical & Travel Insurances

A travel insurance is mandatory for everyone taking part in an EnScope project or travelling to one of our field stations. It should cover all activities detailed in the “Project page” and provides cover for emergency medical repatriation. Please ensure that your policy covers you for adventurous and light manual work.

You are entirely free to pick the travel insurance of your choice. At EnScope, we find that two travel insurance companies really stand out in terms of support, extent of cover and reliability: True Traveller and  World Nomads. Both are global companies covering millions of travellers around the world and with a long standing experience in the business. If you opt for True Traveller, please ensure that you select the “Adventure Pack” option as this will ensure that you will be adequately covered for all project activities.

For projects requiring scuba diving, a dedicated dive insurance is mandatory. In our view, DAN (Divers Alert Network) provides the most reliable and comprehensive diving insurance policies, and they are widely recognised for their extensive network for local support and vast experience in management of diving emergencies. However if you have subscribed for a True Traveller insurance with the Adventure Pack option, registering for a DAN cover is not mandatory as the Adventure Pack includes many of the benefits provided by a DAN cover and generally not included in other travel insurance packages.

International Flight & Transport deals

For flight information and reservations, we are being supported by STA Travel who are familiar with all EnScope destinations. Please mention that you are travelling with EnScope to benefit from dedicated support. In addition, for every flight reservation made through them, they will make a 1% donation towards the development of our projects.

STA Travel Flight reservations


  • France: +33 1 86 26 64 43
  • UK: +44 333 321 0099
  • Germany: +49 69 255 150 000

E-mail: contact.fr@statravel.com

Once your flight reservation is confirmed, please email us a copy of your itinerary or E-ticket at nbrasero@enscope.org

Your in-country travel between airports and the expedition start and end points will be arranged by EnScope and is included in the EnScope project cost.

Logistics and Equipment

Support provided to independent students and researchers

Leveraging its network of international partners and field stations, EnScope helps researchers and professionals who require logistical support (e.g. equipment, consumables, local information) in order to plan their research missions or expedition. You may consult the “Field station” pages for a non-exhaustive list of equipment available at each EnScope field station.

Please contact us for any specific enquiries through using the following form.

Support staff and services

EnScope offers a number of support services to those taking part in our projects:

Sample collection and shipment
If you are limited with the amount of time you can spend in the field, or that travelling to the field is not an option, EnScope offers data and sample collection services based on your agreed methodology. Please enquire using the form below.

Field assistant
Whether you need a dive buddy to accompany you on research dives or someone to take you through deep rainforest, EnScope can make arrangements for a variety of field assistants. Please enquire using the form below.

Project and experimental design
You have an idea but would like expert advice on how to turn this idea into a concrete project so as to ensure that the methodology will generate the data you expect within your specific time constraints? Enscope’s scientific and project management experts can help you design a best in class project/experiment.

Data analysis and report review
Unsure how your project data should be analysed, or you wish to have an external reviewer to help you improve your report (e.g. bachelor dissertation, Master thesis, scientific paper)? We can support data analyses and review draft reports generated as part of our projects.

Feel free to fill the following form for specific enquiries:

  • e.g. University, work place; if applicable
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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