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Clear objectives for a sustainable future

EnScope was established by a group of like-minded friends determined to give people the opportunity to make a lasting difference to the world around them.

Christopher Sheridan, PhD

Co-founder - Managing director

Passionate about Nature and the marine environment since childhood, Chris started his career as a Marine Biologist and Zoologist, leading scientific and marine monitoring programmes for an international NGO and a large marine engineering company. His expertise in the marine environment led Chris to become part of the CITES Scientific Advisory Board in Belgium.

Chris’s experience lies predominantly in the development and coordination of international research programmes and in project management, having had the opportunity to apply his expertise in Europe, the Caribbean, South East Asia, the Western Indian Ocean and the South Pacific. Chris has been responsible for the development and management a number of projects in collaborations with major academic, governmental and private sector organisations.

Chris initiated EnScope’s development out of a desire to leave a natural legacy for future generations. With this in mind, Chris’s role within EnScope is to drive EnScope’s international development and coordinate its activities.

Jérôme Delroisse, PhD

Co-founder - Scientific Manager

Fascinated by the diversity of living organisms within the tree of life and driven by curiosity since childhood, Jérôme quickly earned his PhD in Biology and worked his way to becoming a recognised expert in the field of marine invertebrates biology.

Jérôme has significant experience in developing, reviewing and leading a number of focused and multidisciplinary research projects aimed at both fundamental and applied objectives. His research has taken Jérôme to many regions of the world and he has had the opportunity to fine tune his skills and acquire experience working with leading experts from Europe, North America, East-Asia and Oceania.

While Jérôme’s research interests to date were focused on furthering our understanding of the biology of marine invertebrates, he will now apply his experience to supervising EnScope’s scientific programme, ensuring that the data collected to support the development of sustainable management measures are both sound and reliable.

Guillaume Caulier, PhD

Co-founder - Marketing & Communication Manager

Fascinated with understanding how things work, how they interact with our planet, and passionate about sharing this knowledge, Guillaume’s dream eventually came true – he became a “Science guy”, a person that people around him naturally go to when they have questions. Over the years and driven by curiosity, Guillaume has acquired a wealth of experience in numerous scientific fields and has travelled to almost every continent.

However, if there is one thing that Guillaume enjoys even more than learning, it is to share his knowledge with others. As a result, he is frequently involved in scientific awareness raising events, and has represented Belgium at the 2015 Universal Exposition, taken part in several radio and tv interviews, developed a “tree of life” exhibit for a natural sciences museum in Belgium and continues to be a leader for the Scientific Youths of Belgium.

For Guillaume, sharing knowledge is key to ensuring that science doesn’t remain only in the hands of the academic elite, and he will now use all his experience to ensure that the results obtained from EnScope’s work are shared adequately for the betterment of our environment. “EnScope represents everything I have ever wanted to do: being involved in science, interacting with people, spreading scientific knowledge and helping people to realise their dreams.”

Nicolas Brasero, PhD

Co-founder - Operations Manager

After completing his studies in biology, Nicolas began his career establishing working relationships with local experts for the private sector. Missing his connection with natural science, he soon returned to his field of expertise – terrestrial biology. Particularly fascinated by the field of entomology, Nicolas loves nothing more than to share his experience with younger generations.

Nicolas has significant experience of planning and managing field operations for teams of scientists. He has had the opportunity to hone these skills working with teams all around the world including Europe, East Asia, North and Central America.

Nicolas will leverage his extensive field and organisational experience to ensure that all EnScope field operations are run seamlessly.

Christopher McDougall

Co-founder - Commercial and Strategy Advisor

Chris started out his career as a Marine Biologist before joining a global engineering consultancy as an Environmental Consultant. Much of Chris’s experience to date has been linked to the environmental assessment of coastal and marine development projects, coastal zone management and community level adaptation in the international development sector.

Chris has worked extensively across North Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and the Caribbean and brings commercial and consulting experience to the team.

Chris has always been passionate about creating opportunities for students and junior staff and takes a key role for EnScope in developing new partnerships to provide new and exciting volunteer, research and internship experiences.

Partnerships & collaborations

It would be impossible for us to do everything on our own, and we are very happy to say that we work with a number of excellent and prestigious partners around the world!

Our local partners not only allow us to offer such amazing opportunities for all our volunteers and scientists to get involved in exciting and worthwhile projects, but they also allow us to really understand the countries where we are working – Ensuring that the work and research we do tackle the problems on the ground and provide sustainable solutions.

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