Who we are

Clear objectives for a sustainable future

Vision, mission and approach


As a sustainable development organisation, we are working with our global partners to create a legacy and ensure that today’s natural resources will still be there for tomorrow’s generation.


Our mission is to unite scientists, experts, NGOs and those people that are passionate about the natural world towards a common objective – to communicate, to share experience and expertise and to work towards and promote sustainable development and natural resource conservation.

“When we created EnScope it was from a desire to bring people together to make a difference. From our respective experiences, we had seen that NGOs, scientists, experts and government agencies were frequently working in parallel but rarely communicating and often resource constrained… we wanted to be the catalyst for this dialogue and to give students, volunteers and anyone passionate about making a difference the opportunity to be part of making a future they are proud of”.


When we conceived the idea of EnScope, we didn’t want it to simply be a travel agent, offering exciting expeditions. As a group of scientists and friends, we wanted to create something that is focussed on scientific research first and foremost, whether it is resolving scientific unknowns, or collecting much needed data to help define future conservation targets and objectives. The fact that some of these research projects are based in the most incredible countries and beautiful settings on the planet is a bonus.

Our approach when forming EnScope was always, and remains to this day, founded on a number of concrete principles which form continuous strands through everything we do.

EnScope values



We’re not trying to be a travel agent, all of our expeditions and research projects have clear objectives and the data collected are shared with those who need it and it will feed into local and/or regional planning.



To support and encourage the sharing of knowledge, experience and passion in everything that we do. We ensure that every activity we undertake results in the transfer of knowledge and skills to leave a lasting legacy.



Too many things in the modern world are temporary and disposable. Every activity we investigate, we do so with a long term and sustainable vision in mind. Whether it is relationships with our partner organisations, establishing a new field station, launching a new research project or building friendships with our participating volunteers and scientists – we do it to last!

Why EnScope ?


All of the research projects and initiatives we offer are designed and/or implemented with our local partners, and all of the data and research results remain with our partners to ensure that it is available where it is most needed and supports local and regional planning and management measures. Our partners are key to all we do. We take time and care in selecting and building relationships and trust with our partners. They allow us to offer the projects we do and ensure that we are addressing local priority needs and can react accordingly as they change.


While our venture is only in its initial steps, in alignment with our vision, all EnScope initiatives will be impact-driven, ensuring that all projects address local conservation, and sustainable development and management priorities. With this in mind, EnScope will ensure that everyone who takes part in one of our projects will be kept updated on the impact that the project has on local conservation and environmental management measures that are developed.


Become a friend of EnScope and stay up to date with all the latest developments in our research projects and initiatives. Be one of the first to know when we launch new research projects and when we publish results, findings of our ongoing projects and the management and conservation measures they helped develop. Our Alumni is designed to allow people the opportunity to remain connected and involved, sharing information and data should they wish, whether they have been part of one of our research projects or not. We offer several different levels of ‘friendship’ depending on the level of engagement you wish. Receive discounts on future bookings and even the opportunity to be an ‘early tester’ of new research projects at a special rate.


It is important to us that people know where their money is being spent, whether it is developing new research projects to tackle specific conservation objectives or supporting specific local partners in their ongoing projects. We think this is key to ensuring people are fully engaged with the work we do and which we support. This idea of transparency extends to our partners. When discussing new research projects and partnerships we maintain this commitment to transparency to ensure that we have strong and reliable partnerships based on trust.

Quality assessment from start to finish

With any scientific research projects collecting data, the robustness of the method, data collection and subsequent analyses are critical to ensuring the usability and reliability of the information. EnScope commits to ensuring that all data will be collected in a scientifically robust manner, thereby guaranteeing their reliability and usability for their intended objectives.

Financial support

In order to ensure the accessibility of our projects and initiatives, EnScope endeavours to offer a number of partly and/or fully funded opportunities to anyone passionate about making a difference in this world.

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